Medical Terminology: To Communicate Better With Health Professionals

The vocabulary that provides an accurate description of Human Body along with its components, conditions, processes in a scientific manner is acknowledged as Medical Terminology. This terminology is a much defined language in medical science which helps you to communicate with health professionals. It is predominantly used in medical and nursing fields. As this terminology offers efficient means of communication to be done with health professionals, adherence to correct spelling and proper pronunciation is very crucial here.
Therefore, certain language rules, are applicable in the process of creating medical terminology, which are the part of language mechanics that is called as linguistics. Medical terminology acquires systematic method to build words and form comprehension. It uses the concept of word roots, prefixes and suffixes in source languages such as Latin and Ancient Greek.
The word root mainly describes a body part, in front of which a prefix can be added to modify it. These prefixes offer an additional knowledge about the location of an organ, the number of parts, time involved etc. Whereas, suffixes are added at the end of a word root in order to describe the condition, disease process, or procedure.
In the medical science, meanings of these words along with their etymology are described by the language of origin. The term etymology speaks of the study of origin of words. If a word depicting the condition of kidney is to be generated, there are two primary roots to form it. One root is from Greek language, which gives word nephr(os)’, and another is from Latin that gives ren(es)’. Nephritis’ is the condition or inflammation of kidneys as the suffix itis’ means inflammation, and Rental Failure’ also pronounces the condition of kidneys.
In tandem with this, the word Nephrologist’, is the attachment of suffix -ologist’ to word root nephr’, which means “one who studies kidneys’. Though it is technically considered to be acceptable to create hybrid words in medical terminology, blend of different lingual roots is strongly disfavoured here.
Many health-care professions ask for a sound knowledge of Medical terminology for employment. There are a number of colleges, wherein various medical terminology courses offer attractive, simple, interactive as well as a comprehensive guide to the language of medicine. Paramount College offers an Australian Medical Terminology course designed specially to provide details on effective communication with Health Professionals.
This medical terminology course is a self-contained course apposite for the students aspiring to go for health occupations and will need to communicate with a number of medical professionals such as, physicians, dentists. It is a unique combination of anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, word building principles, and phonetic pronunciations.
The fully accredited online medical terminology course by the Paramount College conglomerates an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet.

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